Recommendations for Envelopes for Your Printables

So I know when you first dive into the world of printables, there are always questions: Can I print this at home? Should I use a professional printer? Can I customize this? Do you recommend that?

One of the questions I want to address today is the question of envelopes for your postcard and card prints. If you’ve been to my Etsy Shop, you’ve probably seen the printable postcard invitations and foldable greeting cards. At the moment, I’m working on some festive patterned envelopes that you can print, cut and glue to match your cards! But in the meantime, I have a few great suggestions on where you can obtain professional, inexpensive envelopes to stick your cards in and toss in the mail:

  • Hobby Lobby offers a great selection of envelope packs in several colours for a really great price! You’ll want to snag an A7 size (5.25″ 7.25″) and not the A2 as the A2 isn’t big enough to contain the cards I design (which are 4×6″). You can shop Hobby Lobby’s online store by clicking here!
  • One of my favourite places to go here in Austin for art supplies is Jerry’s Artarama! I know they only have a handful in existence but, lucky for you, you can shop online! If you’re looking for a higher grade of paper with a bit more tooth (think: watercolour paper), I highly suggest checking out their list of envelopes and cards. These are really great for elegant occasions like wedding invitations. You can get an idea of the offerings at Jerry’s by clicking here. Just be sure you’re picking out envelopes and/or card sizes that match the size of your print. Envelopes should generally be about 1/4″ larger in size than the card.
  • If you want to a suggestion for envelopes on Etsy, check out the lovely offerings in the Chelsea Paper Shop! I just lurrrrve these Tiffany blue envelopes! Don’t you?

Good luck with your printables and, as always, let me know if you have any questions or requests! Happy printing!


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