INSPIRATION: Cupcake Stands!

Looking for a lovely new stand to make your cupcakes the center of attention? Hues Studio has curated a selection of gorgeous cupcake stands to inspire you!


Working Like a Mad Woman (and planning an Engagement Party)!

Anyone interested in being my partner in crime on Hues projects and wedding planning for the next 12 months?! I swear I have been so busy working on projects for Hues Studio, I’ve started to tune out friends and family asking questions about our wedding (which we have barely begun planning three months later – yikes)!

In the meantime, though, I have gotten some adorable party picks and cupcake toppers finished!

In wedding news, yesterday, Mike and I finally picked a day (months from now!) for our engagement party. Because he’s in a band and constantly on the road, he’s already booked on every weekend through September. So it’ll be a November party. We’re having it at my parents’ ranch in north Houston called Fire and Ice Hall. It’s an amazing 100 year old tin barn that used to house the Sinclair Oil Pumping hub for the south. We’re going to do a fiesta theme since we got engaged (while on the infamous stranded Triumph ‘Cruise from Hell’) in Cozumel, Mexico. So be prepared for more posts on preparations as I get closer to the date. I am so excited and nervous about planning this!

Fire and Ice Hall, Montgomery, Texas.

Fire and Ice Hall, Montgomery, Texas.

Fire and Ice Hall, Montgomery, Texas.

Fire and Ice Hall, Montgomery, Texas.

Friday Afternoon Revamp Project: Our Patio

In the summer of 2012, my then boyfriend (now fiance) Mike and I were living in an awesomely large and perfectly located house in the heart of Austin. The only problem? We had a roommate, one of the guys in Mike’s band Mike and the Moonpies. We had both been living with roommates for close to a decade and were ready to live on our own. I scoured rental houses on the market for about two months leading up to our move and kept turning up with no good leads. With the constant flow of college students and the major influx of people relocating to Austin from around the country, finding a house to rent in a good location has become a daunting task. I found myself looking at shanty houses, trying to decide where my couch would fit. I toured cramped duplexes, sometimes with three other potential renters at the same time. I literally saw other potential renters run to the house in question when we’d pull up to the curb at the same time. I even considered buying a home but, let’s be real, two weeks isn’t enough time to make that sort of decision. I weighed the option of putting all of our stuff in a uhaul and camping on my sister’s couch until we we able to find the right place. Panic was setting in.

So I did what any woman would do: I broke down.

And in the heat of my meltdown in the 11th hour, Mike found a place that had just surfaced on a rental website. It was in Dripping Springs, a small rural-ish town several miles west of Austin. In my delirium of panic, I was shuffled to the car and driven to the place.

Our little house in Dripping Springs

Our little house in Dripping Springs

It was adorable. A smaller house than the one we currently had, but just the right size for us. And it was in the Texas Hill Country: surrounded by trees and wildlife (deer run through our yard daily!), a mile from a neighborhood lake, 2 miles from the famous Hamilton Pool and Reimer’s Ranch (see below). It had plenty of room for our little beagle to roam and gave me my own studio office to work with plenty of light (my previous studio was a garage). We were in love!

The famous Hamilton Pool. Only a few miles from our house!

It’s hard to believe we’ve been here for almost a year already!

Both of us have been so busy, we rarely have time to do any decorating but I’ve made a commitment to take some time out once a week to spruce something up around the house. This afternoon I’m going to hang these lovely little wicker cafe lights from Target on our cute little patio. I’ve also got some sweet pea seeds to plant around the giant rosemary bushes around the house. I think we’re going to have to grill some steaks tonight to celebrate the new lighting, what do you think?

Wicker Cafe Lights and Sweet Peas for today's project.

Wicker Cafe Lights and Sweet Peas for today’s project.

Mike and our little man Gilley relaxing on the patio.

I’ve also been looking forever for an adequate planter for my miniature cacti. I happened upon a photo someone posted on Facebook of their cactus in a hatch green chili tin. Brilliant! If you plan on trying this, I suggest getting cans of varying sizes (maybe some old looking tomato cans or corn cans along with the smaller chili tins). Here is my first cactus in a hatch green chili tin:

My mini cactus in the perfect container!

My mini cactus in the perfect container!

The sweet peas may take some time, but I’ll post a picture of the cafe lights in their full glory on the patio. Honestly, I think every patio needs cafe lights, y’all!

Win 24 Free Cupcake Toppers // Miss Party Mom’s Huge Party Giveaway!

Okay lovers! You’ve got less than 24 hours to get your butts over to Miss Party Mom’s blog to sign up for her massive party giveaway!

Miss Party Mom (aka Kenna) is celebrating her 1 year in business as a party planner as well as hitting the 2,000 fan milestone on Facebook so she’s doing what any woman in her right mind would do – give away free swag! She’s teamed up with 12 other vendors (13 with her’s included) to create one big giveaway. The best part is there will be 13 winners – one for each vendor – instead of just one so that’s even more incentive to sign up! Hues Studio was lucky enough to be invited to be a part of the fun and we’ll be giving away 24 cupcake toppers (2 sets) of any sets of toppers in the shop!


Good luck, Y’all!

FREE PRINTABLES: Sunny Printable Party Kit!

We hit our first 100 sales in our Etsy Shop Hues Studio today! Weee! Thank you all for your support – I’ve been so inspired! To celebrate (as promised) I’ve posted a free party kit you can download, print, cut and decorate to your heart’s content. This kit features a happy sun and it’s perfect for backyard parties, beach parties, pool parties or just a random afternoon with friends and family!

The kit includes:

  • – 2″ Party Squares / Labels / Placecards
  • – 2″ Party Circles / Cupcake Toppers
  • – 1″ Party Circles / Cupcake Toppers
  • – 4″ Rectangle Tag / Bag Topper
  • – 5″ Blank Sign / Notecard / Thank You Card
  • – 2 2.5″ Wide Pennant Banners
  • – 1″ Solo Sun Cutouts / Table Confetti

If you have any questions regarding the printables, feel free to leave me a note in the comments section. Happy spring/summer, Y’all! Enjoy!

xo Chase

Rainbow Cloud Cupcake Toppers are here!

I spent the past weekend working like a lunatic on some new cupcake topper ideas. I’ve got the rainbow toppers, seen here, some owls, some super adorable glittery crabs and so much more! I’m working to get full sets for each topper (like treat bag toppers and invitations) but in the meantime, I thought I’d go ahead and share these. Who doesn’t love a rainbow? These would be a perfect accent to colorful kids parties, art- or beach- themed parties, or a quirky little baby shower! I might have to send a set of these to my mom, who is a huge fan of bright colors. 😉

Coming soon: FREEBIE Printable Set!

Seeing as how I’m 3 sales away from my first 100 sales in my Etsy Shop (Hues Studio), I thought I ought to celebrate with a little freebie to share! Check back shortly for the download link – in the meantime, here’s a little snippet of the theme:


Bring on the outdoor parties! xo